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This slideshow was made by creating an image gallery of library scenes found in the commons area of flickr. I knew I wanted to create a slideshow I could embed on my blog page but I couldn’t figure out how … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Organizing Information

According to J. J. O’Donnell (1994) the phrase ‘virtual library’ suggests a vast, universal collection of information that can be instantly accessed from anywhere. Although this ‘virtual library’ does not exist except as a fantasy, digital technologies of today are … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Although this course has been a struggle for me due to time constraints and personal challenges I have found it to be extremely interesting, far more so than I expected when I signed up. I have enjoyed the readings and … Continue reading

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The Role Print Played on the Study of Human Anatomy

During the late 1970s and early 1980s Elizabeth Eisenstein wrote extensively about the revolution that occurred after the invention of print and termed it the ‘Unacknowledged Revolution’ as she felt it had been overlooked. The printing press gave the general … Continue reading

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Orality, Literacy, and Education

It is difficult if not impossible for a person living in a literate culture to truly understand what living in a primary oral culture would be like. A primary oral culture is defined by Walter J. Ong (1982, p.11) as … Continue reading

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TECHNOLOGY – Good or Bad?

I found the following paragraph quoted from Wikipedia’s page on technology interesting for several reasons, it highlights the controversial nature of technology and raises the issue that technology is probably not unique to humans. I also find it relevant to … Continue reading

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The Changing Nature of TEXT

When asked to define ‘text’ my initial response was written language. I now see a broader definition of text as a something that holds a message or information that others can interpret. The following quotes from Postman (1992) ‘orality stresses … Continue reading

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TEXT as Woven Words

Picture taken by Clyde Robinson. I chose this picture for my introduction post for two reasons. First, sunflowers are my favorite flowers. Second, as a representation of the definition of text as ‘woven words’ or a ‘topographical surface, replete with … Continue reading

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