Digital Text

Digital text is data in written form, esp. when stored, processed, or displayed in a word processor (Apple Dictionary). And, written form is enter[ing] (data) into a specified storage medium or location in store (Apple Dictionary).

Read the text in the image. What does it ‘say’? Perhaps text is more than symbols, numbers, and letters. Perhaps text requires meaning to understand it. Otherwise, text is meaningless, unless, of course, the reader can understand the (series of) symbols, numbers, or letters.

In light of this, if text is, thus far, in digital and written form, can text be in oral form as well, if it is understood? Here, meaning would be behind the oral text. Here, does text need to be imprinted in digital format or written form only, or can text be imprinted in the minds of the beholders? In other words, can signing be text, if the gesture is understood via learned meaning? Consider Helen Keller.


Apple Dictionary. (2005-2009). v. 2.1.2 (80.3). Apple Inc.

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