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Hypertext and the Library

Hi everyone, I’ve created an interactive fiction for my major project. Here’s the link! Please enjoy. Any feedback is welcomed! Web-space is a boundless writing space that holds limitless amount of information. Our ability to copy, paste, and tag … Continue reading

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Audiovisual Development and Education

Audiovisual Development and Education If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video? In his book Writing Space, Bolter explains that “remediation” happens when our writing space changes with the development of technology. He suggests that when … Continue reading

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Riding on the Waves of Power Shift

In “The Judgement of Thamus”, Postman states that the development of every new technology comes with costs and benefits, which is not distributed equally (Postman, 1992, p9). O’Donnell echoes Postman’s assertion in the broadcast “From Papyrus to Cyberspace”: new forms … Continue reading

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What’s on your desktop?

Desks in the study room used to be designed mainly for reading and writing text on paper. A comfortable desk should have a well lit, spacious flat surface to place our stationery and paper/books. The design of a comfortable desk … Continue reading

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Writing is one way of recording text. Writing is a form of technology because it requires tools and medium. Writing on paper or writing electronically both require “physical interactions with terrestrial materials” (Bolter, p18). With the development of technology, writing … Continue reading

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The Alphabet Song I used to think that text has to be written. However, the course reading has changed my perception of what it is. Text embeds meanings; the process of forming text, whether it’s spoken, written, or even sung, … Continue reading

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