Assistive Technologies for Students with Special Needs

What is technology? Well, to a student with special needs having written output issues, it is any tool or device that aids in the writing (above) and the reading (below) process and experience. Here, assistive technologies like Clicker 5 gives students with special needs the opportunity to participate in writing and reading activities that parallel the activities in the classroom.

To learn more about Clicker 5 and other similar assistive technologies for all students, please click here

I deliberately chose to narrow my focus on defining what technology is to be within the world of special education because, philosophically, it could be anything as defined by the beholder and, secularly, it is defined in many dictionaries and wiki spaces like Wikipedia. However, as a resource teacher, I wish to be pragmatic, for that is what matters to me, to my colleagues, to the parents, to the community, to the public education system, and, of course, to the students.

Lastly, for all you teachers out there, please click here if you want to see what SET-BC has to offer BC school students.


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4 Responses to Assistive Technologies for Students with Special Needs

  1. mmwong says:

    Hi Barrie,

    Thank you for your post. I am a huge fan of Assistive Technology especially “Clicker 5.” As I am not a BC teacher, thank you for the “SET BC” link.


  2. mmwong says:

    Hi Barrie,

    Yes, I agree about assistive tech. being effective and helpful for both children and adults. With my work with ESL kids, it has been amazing!


  3. Barrie Carter says:

    Hello M.:

    There are many computer programs like Rosetta Stone, for example, that assist with language acquisition skills. Even the use of translators are effective in many learning environments.

    Thank-you for your post! 🙂



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