My literal world

Robot Scrabble
Robot Scrabble
Photo by Jenn and Tony Bot

I chose this picture for its literal translation.  Both text (letters) and technology (robots).  But the more I read in the prefatory material the more I liked the image on different levels.  The letters in the game of scrabble are in fact text but also tactile in nature.

I have to admit when I briefly read over the course outline I thought I was in for something different.  I am interested to explore more recent changes in how modern technologies have changed the way we communicate.

My name is Ryan Edgar and I live and teach high school in North Vancouver.  I am taking 2 courses this term which will be 6 & 7 for me (the end is getting closer every term – obviously).  The good news on a personal note is that successful completion of these 2 courses will mean I move to a PB+15 on the pay scale – yeah (if you are a teacher in BC then you know what I mean).  I look forward to taking this journey with each of you -good luck to us all!


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