Woven Words

Embroidered text messages = brilliant.  (by Christi Ginger)

Embroidered text messages = brilliant. (by Christi Ginger)

I was intrigued by how this image reflected some of the ideas explored throughout the prefatory materials and Module 1 introduction. The prompt, in the defining terms section, to have our learning community explore the idea of text and technology as topographical space, as texture, as creation and as construct, among other concepts, are all captured in this image. In particular, the etymological work of Scholes (1992) that challenges us to consider text as being woven into a construct comes through for me in this image.

My name is Allen Davidson and ETEC 540 is my 9th course in the MET program. I am a Vice-Principal and junior high social studies teacher at a K-9 school in Calgary, Alberta. Although I am glad to be nearing the end of my MET studies, I must say that the impact the program has had on furthering my practice and the practice of my colleagues has been incredible. As an example, the increased use of instructional blogging as medium for student discussion has afforded me the opportunity to improve in my formative assessment practice as well as provide the space for all students to get their perspectives voiced in our learning communities. Thus, I anticipate a chance to further explore the potential for such spaces in terms of student learning in ETEC 540.

I look forward to learning with and from all of you. The chance to connect with such diverse and talented educators across time and space has been another aspect of the program that I have come to truly value.

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