Text as an evolutionary imperative

Aesops Fables page 462Picture By perpetualplum Sue Clark

I chose this image from Aesop’s Fables because for me, text and technology is an extension of the characteristic that, in my mind anyway, makes us human: The transmission of culture and knowledge to our offspring. This creation, expansion and permutation of our body of knowledge allowed us as developing hominids to go further than our ancestors, and to become the most successful predators around. We created the technology of text to further this, and I see it as an expression of our evolutionary imperative to share our ideas, create social bodies, and learn and teach.

My undergraduate degree is in physical anthropology and evolutionary biology. I taught elementary school in Toronto for 8 years, but have recently escaped. I now design online courses in continuing education for social workers.

I live in Toronto with my husband and cats. This is my seventh MET course, and I have to say that working through the courses has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done academically. I look forward to working with everyone. ~ Annette

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