Stand out from the crowd

I can see how one can get lost looking through the photos in the Flickr commons! I had to stop myself after 15 or so minutes and make a choice.

I chose this photo in part because I feel that the plethora of text in cyberspace and in print is phenomenal and in a way so much of it seems to be screaming to be noticed. The photo of the rock with the text “This stone avoids large crowds” in some simplistic way finds a way to be noticed in the sea of other stones.

stones text writing poetry Southsea beach

I live and work in Kamloops, BC where I teach ESL and in the Teaching ESL programs at Thompson Rivers University, but started off teaching Japanese here. I’ve been here for a several years now, and previously taught in universities in metropolitan Sapporo, Japan for the better part of ten years. It’s nice to see a couple other folks have Japan and/or ESL related work. Outside of work, my passions include cycling, skiing, kiteboarding, sailing and travel. I’ve been married for 15 years now and have a 3 year old son. He’s a delight and reminds me on a daily basis what the real focus in my life should be. I’m in the home stretch in the MET program and look forward to reclaiming my evenings/weekends next year!

I choose this course in part because as a long time language teacher the notion of how technology impacts language – particularly text is of interest/intrigue.


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