A Blending of Technology

In my bag today
Photo by Mat Packer

I am drawn to this photograph because it depicts how text and technology has changed over the years;  from a pencil and paper to an iPhone and iPad.  I agree with Postman (1992) when he says; “new technologies alter the structure of our interests; the things we think about” (p.20). I must admit that if someone had shown me this picture a week ago and asked me to pick out the technology I would have left out the pencil and paper. When I think of technology or even text technology a pencil and paper is not the first thing that comes to mind. I imagine this may be the case for many others who were also born in the last few generations and have not grown up without a computer in their home.  The photo makes me really excited for the journey ahead and for the many things that I will learn from this course and the MET program.  It also makes me feel a little naïve because I would take something like a pencil and paper for granted.

My name is Ashley Ross and this is my first week as an MET student. In addition to this course I am also taking ETEC 511 and ETEC 512.  I recently graduated from Carleton University with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Linguistics.  While I was completing my undergraduate degree I worked as a tutor for students with learning disabilities, helping them develop learning strategies with the assistance of technology.  I recently moved to Oakville, Ontario with my husband and two cats.  I do not have much experience in the field but I am very excited to learn and am looking forward to learning everything I can and getting to know everyone!

Postman, N. (1992). Technopoly: The surrender of culture to technology. New York, NY: New York

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