A Blending of Technology

In my bag today
Photo by Mat Packer

I am drawn to this photograph because it depicts how text and technology has changed over the years;  from a pencil and paper to an iPhone and iPad.  I agree with Postman (1992) when he says; “new technologies alter the structure of our interests; the things we think about” (p.20). I must admit that if someone had shown me this picture a week ago and asked me to pick out the technology I would have left out the pencil and paper. When I think of technology or even text technology a pencil and paper is not the first thing that comes to mind. I imagine this may be the case for many others who were also born in the last few generations and have not grown up without a computer in their home.  The photo makes me really excited for the journey ahead and for the many things that I will learn from this course and the MET program.  It also makes me feel a little naïve because I would take something like a pencil and paper for granted.

My name is Ashley Ross and this is my first week as an MET student. In addition to this course I am also taking ETEC 511 and ETEC 512.  I recently graduated from Carleton University with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Linguistics.  While I was completing my undergraduate degree I worked as a tutor for students with learning disabilities, helping them develop learning strategies with the assistance of technology.  I recently moved to Oakville, Ontario with my husband and two cats.  I do not have much experience in the field but I am very excited to learn and am looking forward to learning everything I can and getting to know everyone!

Postman, N. (1992). Technopoly: The surrender of culture to technology. New York, NY: New York

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5 Responses to A Blending of Technology

  1. Al Davidson says:


    Congratulations on beginning your MET journey. It will be great to hear your linguistics perspective throughout the course. Let me know how juggling 3 courses goes! Are you working as well?

    The concept, you address, put forth by Postman and others that technologies alter our interest and ways of thinking is intriguing. As educators it becomes essential then that we meet learners in their modes of thought and resist the temptation to always teach the way we were taugnt. Thoughts?

    • ashleyross says:

      Thank you Al. I am excited to be beginning this journey. I am not working so hopefully it will make juggling 3 courses a little saner.

      I completely agree. It’s so easy to relate to the way we were taught and even to our own learning style that sometimes we forget that others learn differently.

  2. lesliedawes says:

    Welcome to the MET course. I am also new, so I share similar feelings about our technology courses. Interesting picture that symbolized changing technologies. Look forward to working with you.


  3. deedee says:

    Hi Ashley,
    Interesting image. I wouldn’t have immediately included the pencil and paper either in the classification of ‘technology’. Like Al, I find the concept put forward by Postman around new technologies altering what we find interesting and what we think about to be quite thought provoking.
    I admire you for taking 3 classes this semester – that’s quite a workload!

    Dee Dee

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