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connections and directions

This course opened my eyes to the history of text and the emergence of multiliteracies.  I watched the latest Robin Hood (with Russell Crow) a week or so ago.  Set around 1200, I couldn’t help but notice how the written … Continue reading

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Rippin’ it up

Hi All, I pulled pieces together pieces from this course – blog, wiki, our rip.mix.feed projects and a few other elements – then put them together on a prezi.  The images were mostly culled using Jing.  Enjoy. Best, Joe

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Re-thinking Literacy: Web 2.0 and Education

Introduction The emergence and rapid development of Web 2.0 has resulted in a rethinking of what literacy means. Just as notions of the transfer of knowledge shifted with the advent of text and led to our basic definitions of literacy … Continue reading

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A Critical Perspective on “A Vision of Students Today”

In setting the stage for a presentation and leading discussion in class recently, the presenter, a forty-something mature age student, started off by stating: “I hate lectures”. He then led an animated and highly participatory and student-centered session. As I … Continue reading

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“Pointing” and the Spaces Between Words

Introduction Reading today is a silent and solitary activity, in the West its roots lay in the oral tradition. Saenger (1997), who has researched the spaces between words and punctuation extensively, notes that reading was originally an oral activity, and … Continue reading

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Commentary 1: Information Madness or Madly Informed?

As I read “The Virtual Library: An Idea Whose Time Has Passed”, the notion of impermanence in the Buddhist sense kept coming to mind. While librarians and libraries have worked to store and catalogue countless books and publications over the … Continue reading

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technology and evolution

Hi All, I’ve been pondering what technology means (or doesn’t mean) the past few days and have found it an interesting and frustrating task. Some of the dictionary definitions are pretty predictable. The World English Dictionary (vis-a-vis offers: World … Continue reading

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Text – changing communication

Others have already posted definitions and examples of various kinds of text, so I’ll come at it from a different perspective. I see text as a construct that has shifted and changed human communication in many ways. After beginning to … Continue reading

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Stand out from the crowd

I can see how one can get lost looking through the photos in the Flickr commons! I had to stop myself after 15 or so minutes and make a choice. I chose this photo in part because I feel that … Continue reading

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