Rippin’ it up

Hi All,

I pulled pieces together pieces from this course – blog, wiki, our rip.mix.feed projects and a few other elements – then put them together on a prezi.  The images were mostly culled using Jing.  Enjoy.



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4 Responses to Rippin’ it up

  1. iirene says:

    Yes, that was a cool journey! Thanks for joining us all together in one space!

  2. mmwong says:

    Hi Joe,

    I have seen prezi in action but never used it before. Is it easy to use? I have heard mixed reviews.


    • Joe Dobson says:

      Hi Melanie,

      I’ve found it easy and quite intuitive. The “zebra” has a different feel than the standard toolbar found on most applications, but after tinkering with it a little, it grew on me quickly.


  3. ryan edgar says:

    Hey Joe
    that was really cool! This assignment alone helped tackle the rip.mix.feed.reload task as well as making connections (which you obviously did) to works from our peers.

    Like I said… very cool. Could easily be used to show people what tools are available.

    Good work


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