Technology and Society

Being a Biologist, it is natural for me to wonder about the evolution of society and humans. Technology in all it’s forms has transformed the modern world. Information is being sent globally at extremely fast rates. More people communicate with complete strangers in a variety of forms. I found the following video on YouTube that raises an interesting question and makes a great a suggestion at the end. I have seen a similar one before but this one focuses purely on technology and the human race.

YouTube Preview Image
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2 Responses to Technology and Society

  1. deedee says:

    Very interesting, informative and engaging video. It certainly speaks to the reach and speed of information technology and its profound impact on society.

  2. iirene says:

    Hi Adora,

    That is one of my favourite things on this weblog. It is clear and visually attractive and gives lots of information in 3 and a half minutes. My favourite it the last image, getting blood out of stone, anything may be possible with technology. Thanks for finding it.


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