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Have you tried creating a Google Search Story yet? It’s fun!

I created this Google Search Story starting with the question, “What is technology?” Also, I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the differences between technophile and technophobe because we are going through an adjustment period at my school where processes are changing. As a MET student, and a technophile, you can imagine that these changes are perhaps not conducive to how I learn and teach. I’ll spare the details here, however, the point that I would like to make about technology is that, to me, it is ever-changing and present in this day and age.

Driving to work on Friday, pondering this blog post, I was listening to Daft Punk’s “Technologic”. I was especially drawn to the lyrics, as I believe they represent what we can do with technology and with our hands! The possibilities are truly endless…. enjoy!

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4 Responses to technology today

  1. deedee says:

    Great examples of text and technology in action. I am someone who learns best through exposure to multimedia and I found the Technologic Hands video very engaging.

  2. Camille Maydonik says:

    Hi Deedee,

    Glad you enjoyed my post!


  3. Joe Dobson says:

    Great video. Wonder how many takes were necessary to get it straight.


  4. danny says:

    Hi Camille,

    I really enjoyed both videos.

    The Google Search Story was great (I’ll have to try that out one day), and was great way to demonstrate both text and technology.

    The Techno Logic video was great, but it left me wondering how many words I’d be able to go through without screwing up. (Best Guess = 3).


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