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Making Connections

I was speaking with a retired educator-administrator the other day who, for a time, taught IT.  We got to discussing the state of technology in the classroom and I noted it was interesting how, in teaching students for the future, … Continue reading

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From Multiliteracies to Social Equity

We are living in exciting times.  As segments of the global population struggle simply to attain an education, to develop the ability to read text – “mere literacy”¹ – other parts of the world are developing technology that make the … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed with diigo

I tried to sneak the rip.mix.feed activity in amongst a few others, thinking that this time, I could just whip something together, have a little fun, and voila, Presto!  A beautiful little project thrown together with professional effect.  But no.  … Continue reading

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Power Shifts Reflected Through Changing Literacies

“The issue—given that representation, especially in the linguistic modes of speech and writing, is so closely bound up with social and ethical values—cannot be debated at the level of representation alone. It does, always, have to be seen in the … Continue reading

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On the Origins and Influences of Silent Reading

Come to my research project On the Origins and Influences of Silent Reading 🙂 Vicki

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Of Chandler, Ong and Plato; or, Of Carts and Horses and Who’s to Blame

Plato has been widely cited for his fear-mongering proclamation in the Phaedrus declaring the newest technology – writing – as the demise of memory (e.g.: Ong, 2002, p. 78). I must admit having often been of same mind, relating fully … Continue reading

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Layers of Nourishment

I took this photo on the shore of Soap Lake, in the state of Washington. It is a mineral-rich lake which locals claim has healing properties. Good text has texture. With editing, it is polished, shiny as the rocks and … Continue reading

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On technology in education

I’ve composed this under a sense of how technology is moving within the education system. Often, as has been discussed in various MET forums, there seems to be a push from ministries and administrations to incorporate current technology into teaching … Continue reading

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Modes of expression

cc licensed Flickr photo by Darice de Cuba poem by Omar Khayyam I see text technologies as modes of expression. I’m attracted to this photo as representation of this. I’m not particularly fond of the poem, but I certainly relate … Continue reading

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