Rip.Mix.Feed with diigo

I tried to sneak the rip.mix.feed activity in amongst a few others, thinking that this time, I could just whip something together, have a little fun, and voila, Presto!  A beautiful little project thrown together with professional effect.  But no.  Once again I learn that I am still a newbie to all this stuff and that if I think it will take 1 hour, I should budget a good 5 – by which I mean 10.

At any rate, I set out thinking I should try something new (double time budget right there), so I randomly chose Webslides (it said it takes ‘minutes’) from the rip.mix.feed wiki site.  I was appreciating the flexibility of the MET program & reflecting on it for the breadth of experience it offers while also being incredibly flexible by mere factor of being online.  This served as inspiration for my story.

I wanted to use a variety of material, ripping from public sites, commons and from my own material.  To be fair, I felt my own material should still be ripped from the web, so I had to figure out how to get it all public – move some of my walls, so to speak, while keeping others intact.  That took some time, as did compiling my audio.  I wasn’t able to find a background music to accompany my voice under terms I was happy with with remaining time willing to invest at this time (sorry – you get to listen to just me).  Then, the audio file is imported in without the capability to line it up with the slides.  I did the best I could on this – again with time I felt was sensible to invest in this aspect of the project – going back and forth to edit and try to line things up, uploading & deleting and re-uploading as I went.  In the end, I don’t think it’s too bad.  This is what I got.

Time-permitting, I’ll try another with another tool.

(Alternate link:

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2 Responses to Rip.Mix.Feed with diigo

  1. ryan edgar says:

    Hate to be debbie-downer but the links aren’t working (at least for me)

    Are you able to retry posting the link?? I would like to see your efforts


    • vschrader says:

      Thanks Ryan. I’ve checked them both again & they work fine for me. Can you try them again?

      If anyone else has tried, if you could let us know if it worked or not so I can sort this out if need be… or any tips on why it would work for me & not Ryan. (When I tested it, I was not logged in, so I shouldn’t have been afforded any special privileges.)


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