Modes of expression

Text tattoo

cc licensed Flickr photo by Darice de Cuba
poem by Omar Khayyam

I see text technologies as modes of expression. I’m attracted to this photo as representation of this. I’m not particularly fond of the poem, but I certainly relate to reverting to writing on skin when papyrus, paper and plug-ins fail me.

I like the presence of the various modes of communicative tools here. We have the ink on skin – in a font reminiscent of the typewriter – and the keyboard. (There is also a suggestion of permanence each offers. Were the poem on the screen, it could be deleted for none to ever see or published for the world. Intriguingly, the tattoo gives ultimate permanence on the skin – forgoing laser removal – and the photo of it published to Flickr broadcasts worldwide.) We also have the photo itself as a form of communicative device; can we call that text? I am contemplating the irony of the hand being cut from the photo when it is the one constant necessity for creation of text in any form… unless of course we delve into consideration of voice recognition technologies.

Hi, I’m Vicki Schrader. I am also in the ELL/ESL field, teaching at the high school level. Writing is a big part of helping my students get where they need to be. I am currently enjoying maternity leave with my still-new-but-growing-fast busy little girl and my kinder-boy, but am excited as well to return to the classroom with all that MET has inspired so far. From ETEC 540, I hope to round out my perspectives on writing online, and awareness of related tools, methods and concerns, as I prepare to supplement the traditional methods I have used in the past. As such, this is timely for me, coming in good time to inform my practice just prior to my return to work. I am excited to be here.

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3 Responses to Modes of expression

  1. mmwong says:

    Hi Vicki,

    I love the picture. I agree with you, text technologies is modes of expression.

    Great to see another ELL/ESL teacher! Congrats on your new baby! I look forward to having further discussions with you this term.

  2. Al Davidson says:

    Hi Vicki,

    Interesting image. I am amazed at the proliferation of skin art and messaging. Whenever I visit public swimming pools with my kids I seem to be the odd one out being sans-tattoo.

    Looking forward to collaboration and learning with you.


  3. vschrader says:

    I hear you, Al. I’m not convinced skin canvas holds up well over time. Hence, I stick with washable ink and temporary notes on my hand that I can close to conceal and that I hope I will have dealt with in the short time that gives me before they wear off! The to-do list with a sense of urgency 🙂


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