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Finding Personal Writing Space

For this project I created a blog focusing on the issues and trends of open education in higher education today.  These trends represent an important development in the evolution of text.  History teaches us that the way text is published … Continue reading

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Education in Tech Blogs: Pipe

I realize it is not very exciting to look at but I thought I would try something completely new for me – Yahoo Pipes. I am grateful I did because I think it could have fantastic utility for course projects … Continue reading

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Shifting Economies in Book Production and its Impact on Education

Book production, throughout western civilization has been closely associated with the social pillars of modern society. Two key shifts in the economies of production have been the transition to codex and subsequently print. These shifts have had a profound impact … Continue reading

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Technopoly: will it survive?

People working in educational technology are inundated with latest tools all proclaiming to act as major disruptive forces in traditional education. It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of innovation and become marketers of various technology applications … Continue reading

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Bill and Educational Technology

Listen to Bill’s answer at 5:40. When Bill speaks, people listen. Cultural icons influence our society in a variety of ways. When Bill Gates says that the best education will be available on the web in five years, it brings … Continue reading

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Understanding the Questions

We can understand a text only when we have understood the question to which it is an answer. But since this question can be derived solely from the text and accordingly the appropriateness of the reply is the methodological presupposition … Continue reading

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Change, or be changed

Module one of this course has challenged me rethink the role of the educator in the 21st century. Try as we may to predict outcomes of changes in text technologies, we simply do not know how learning will take place … Continue reading

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