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Pipe DreamI realize it is not very exciting to look at but I thought I would try something completely new for me – Yahoo Pipes. I am grateful I did because I think it could have fantastic utility for course projects as well as for faculty. What I ended up publishing was a “pipe” that fed about 8 of my favourite tech blogs through a filter for “education”. I also threw in TED talks. My goal here was to find some recent posts in tech blogs about education issues. The hope is that I would not have to look through so much content and find the posts relevant to me in one place. Have a look at it here, and if you know how to improve the results, please edit.

image: Menon, R. (2009). Pipe Dream. Retrieved from

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2 Responses to Education in Tech Blogs: Pipe

  1. Annette Smith says:

    I got lost wandering in the TED Talks…

    I will definitely look into using Yahoo Pipes. I like the way you can gather resources into bundles with it.


  2. blamb says:

    Pipes, and the approach it represents, is very exciting to me!

    I recommend the work of Tony Hirst, the master of the Pipe (though don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand the depth of what he is up to… I find it as intimidating as I do exciting):

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