Wordle: ETEC 540

Without a doubt this course has been a rich and challenging experience for me. ETEC 540 was my first course in the MET program. I was quite apprehensive about my initial foray into Graduate School as it had been twenty-five years since I completed my undergrad degree.

Unfortunately, demands at my job did not afford me the time or space to immerse myself in the course activities as much as I would have relished. However, when I was engaged the readings, discussion forums and assignments were incredibly insightful, thought provoking and rich in content.

I found it fascinating to learn about the evolution of text and technology and the impact the changing spaces of reading and writing has had on the way we communicate and comprehend the world around us. Throughout the course, I placed a particular focus on applying what I’ve learned to my work in the social profit fundraising sector. This has been incredibly helpful as I seek to understand and implement ways to reach donors that span several generations.

Over the 13 weeks my confidence level increased as I became more familiar with participating in an online learning environment. The first several weeks were extremely intimidating and overwhelming as I endeavored to find my way through uncharted territory. Thanks to Brian Lamb for creating a supportive space for me to voice my concerns and work through my challenges. What started as a daunting process gradually became one I felt more at ease with.

I’ve created a Wordle, which articulates my experience in this course. The word layout replicates a snapshot of how I have begun to comprehend these new spaces- fluid and ever-changing in formation!
Please click on the image for a closer look.

Wordle: Reflections

Thanks to those of you who engaged with me during the course. Your feedback and comments were helpful and most appreciated.
Much success to all!

Dee Dee

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