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Rip, Mix, Feed

My rip, mix, feed was done on windows movie maker using photos that I took on my blackberry’s not great camera.  The visuals are terrible, very blurry, sorry. My sequencing and timing is also off. The audio is fine if … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Ekphrasis

“Oukyo’s Ghost,” painted by Hounen Tsukioka in 1882, depicts another painter, Maruyama Oukyo, and his reaction to a painting. Tsukioka was expressing the power of image on the human psyche and the ability for text and image to “come alive” … Continue reading

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From Stage to Screen: The Rise of Cinema

It is easy to notice the technological advancements that have occurred in theatre if we compare some of the first outdoor stages that were built by hand thousands of years ago to some of the most high-tech, multi-sensory cinemas that … Continue reading

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The Invention of False Wisdom

Postman (1992) begins his book, Technopoly, with The Judgment of Thamus from Plato’s Phaedrus. Thamus, an Egyptian king, judges the god Theuth’s invention of writing. Although Theuth claims that writing will improve wisdom, Thamus predicts that writing will create false … Continue reading

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What’s in your head?

Texts are the sparks of light that start inside your head. They are ideas. You want to communicate them. You want to share your sparks. Technology helps you to deliver them. The spark can say, “I love you. XO.” Technology … Continue reading

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Technology is Text

Text is like a snowflake. Each text (be it a letter or a song or a picture) has an intricate pattern or design and its own uniqueness. We take those snowflakes and build a snowball. Then, we build a snowman. … Continue reading

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Evolution of Text

Hello and sorry that this picture is a bit gross. I chose it to represent the evolution of orality and literacy. You can see this picture as human changing into or being controlled by artificial intelligence. How do technological tools affect the way we communicate and think about the world around us? The keyboard looks as if it has taken over the woman’s ability to speak. How much do we control modern technology? How much of it controls us?

I’m from Vancouver, but live in Osaka with my husband and 10 year old son. I’m a university EFL instructor. My background is in Literature and Education (SFU) and I also have a MA in Japanese Studies (U of Sheffield). When time allows, I like writing, yoga and travelling.

I just entered MET, and this is my first and only course this semester. I look forward to learning with you all.

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