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Digital Literacy and Law Enforcement

INTRODUCTION: Policing organizations in Canada have an onerous responsibility with respect to providing disclosure in criminal cases. The courts have decreed that police must provide “full and frank” disclosure of all relevant information collected during the course of a criminal … Continue reading

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Multiliteracy Pedagogy in Policing

INTRODUCTION: The police organization that I work for serves a diverse and rapidly growing community of over one million people. The organization has experienced significant growth and maturation in recent years, to meet the needs of its community, and changing … Continue reading

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Assignment 3 – The Telephone

INTRODUCTION: Just last month, I was at my sister’s house to celebrate my niece’s 12th birthday. A cousin of mine was also in attendance and his Blackberry kept buzzing all through dinner, so we got on the subject of cellular … Continue reading

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1st Formal Commentary

INTRODUCTION: The agency being discussed in this paper is a Municipal Police Service employing approximately 1800 police officers, serving a diverse and rapidly growing community of over one million people. Its mission is to strive to protect life and property … Continue reading

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How Far We’ve Come

What I love most about old pictures like this that depict the technologies of the time, are the sheer size of the equipment. Contrasted to our present day Blackberries, IPod’s and thumbdrives – it is a definite reality check on how far we’ve come…


My name is Rob Shearer and this is my 9th ETEC course. I hope to be finished the program by next April. It has been a fun and interesting ride.
Professionally, I am a police officer and have been for 23 years. Currently, I run the Risk Managemen/Audit areas of our organization after many years in some different investigative offices. I am also a part time instructor at the University of Guelph-Humber in the Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology.

I live in Oakville Ontario with my wife and two daughters, ages 3 and 3 months. Its a busy house!

I guess that’s all for now!
Rob Continue reading

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