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Photography: Impact and Change

I chose to present my assignment in the format attached, in an attempt to simulate a hypertext. I would have loved to use a Mind Map, but struggled to find free software that would suffice. You can either read the … Continue reading

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Comic Books – Connecting Us to Cultural Change

Introduction Comic books are a form of sequential art, using a combination of illustrations and text to tell a story.  These stories are influenced by the cultural concerns of the time, and change as society changes. But this isn’t a … Continue reading

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Ditto Technology: Implications for Learning

Humans as copiers Much can happen at a school copier: plans made, gossip spread, discussions had, meetings set. Photocopiers are unique social junctions within schools, and important academic intersects between teachers and students. At the least, copying technologies offer functional … Continue reading

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The Typewriter: A remarkable impact on communication

Introduction Before the 1860s when the most noted invention of the typewriter was created, two other historical men had come up with similar concepts. The first of these individuals is Henry Mill who, in 1714, was granted a patent in … Continue reading

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Oral cultures and writing: Where does Deaf culture fit in?

Walter Ong’s (1982) ideas on oral cultures and writing are not altogether correct in that they exclude Deaf cultures and their communities. This fault lies in his narrowed view that not “only communication, but thought itself relates in an altogether … Continue reading

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Orality – past and present

Initially being introduced to the topic of orality and literacy, the link between the two seems necessary and dependent upon each other. Orality has existed for a much longer period than literacy. But the eventual introduction of written text seems … Continue reading

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Text – A lifeline

Text is a critical part of our culture that we overlook on a daily basis. I never stopped to really think about how much we rely on text. Text has meaning whether it be in books, signs, text messages, emails, … Continue reading

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New Technology

As I sit here to create a post regarding my definition of technology I began to think that just last night in one of my posts for ETEC 511 I was discussing a topic very similar to the one we … Continue reading

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Text: The Technology of Communication

After reading the course materials on ‘text” and ‘technology’, I feel the two are inseparable as they relate to communication.  Text happens to be the technology of communication.  It is what humans use to share information; to communicate thoughts and … Continue reading

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The Unknown

Hart Seely at Slate Magazine has created found poetry from speech transcripts of various U.S. political figures… Sarah Palin, Donald Rumsfeld, and others.  The example from Donald Rumsfeld below is reproduced in the Wikipedia entry for found poetry, which is what … Continue reading

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