new city
The beautiful Vancouver

Moving out to a new city to go to a new school for a new program. For some people, it may be pretty easy and you might already be a pro at it. Or maybe you’re nervous. Maybe it’s your first time moving away from home. Maybe you’ve never moved cities before. Maybe you’re just nervous about law school. I’ve been there. Many of my peers felt the same and many of the upper years before us did as well. It’s all very natural. One of my friends didn’t even know if he should leave the washing machine on while he’s out of the apartment.

Moving to new city 2
1Ls exploring Vancouver

So what can you do to make it all easier? My first piece of advice would be to reach out to some of the upper years who have gone through the same hurdles. We’re all a big family here and you’ll be surprised with how much help you’ll get by asking. We can help you with suggestions on where to live, where to go buy your essentials, where to eat, what to see, cool places to hang out, just about anything.

Some of you may also want to live with roommates, but don’t know anyone in the city looking for one. Many of us actually reached out to the fellow incoming 1Ls also moving to Vancouver and looking for roommates! We just made a post in the Facebook group and had many responses. It was extremely easy and helped take away the stress of trying to find a good roommate in a new city. It may be difficult and strange to pick a roommate out of a group of people you don’t know yet, but think of it this way: it’s someone going into the same situation as you, who is also new to the city and who will be the first person you meet at law school, making it an easier experience. My roommate was also a 1L who ended up becoming one of my good friends and who made the transition to a new city a lot easier.

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Hiking the Chief in Squamish

Moving to a new place can be extremely tough and scary. The first time I went grocery shopping, I freaked out. Everything about being in a new city and starting law school became very real. But I quickly reminded myself how much I love food and it got a lot easier. Within the first few weeks of moving, the new 1Ls got together for hikes, beaches, trails and even cliff jumping. I immediately fell in love with the city and realized that coming to this new place wasn’t that bad. You probably have tons of different interests and I can assure you that you’ll be able to do many, if not all, of them in this city and if you want, you can even find some people in Allard to go explore them with you.Moving to new city 3


It’s a great, new and exciting experience and I am sure you will love it. If you ever want to chat about anything at all, definitely reach out! My email is