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Those of you who follow my blog know that I have a tendency to get homesick – I still do, and I’ll admit it.  Don’t get me wrong; I love UBC.  I love the atmosphere, my professors, what I’m learning, all the opportunities that are opening up to me.  But up til now, I was missing the people.  I miss having a huge group of friends who know me super well and seeing them every day and getting hugs all the time (I’m a huggy person but I’m too shy to ask for them here and the only hugs I’ve gotten out here are from drunk people, go figure.)

However, a few weeks back, some people on the fourth floor of my building decided to create a knitting club, and being a knitter myself, I decided to join with a friend from my floor.  I went, and had the most fun I think I’ve had since I got here.  These people are hilarious!  I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.  These people actually pay attention to me and I like being around them. Every Monday I look forward to knitting club and the way it uplifts me.

So I suppose that what I’m trying to say by this is that, it’s true, you will find a niche where you fit in. Even if you’re shy.  Even if you’re lonely. It may not happen right away.  But you do have to look for it; sitting in your room with the door closed won’t get you there.  Join a group you’re genuinely interested in, not something you think you should be interested in.  Try it out, and if you don’t like the way it feels, you don’t have to stay.  And when you do find your place, well then, you’re set. :)


Edit: (Sept. 2012) there is now an official AMS Knitting and Sewing Club. Visit the website at


-XO Samantha


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  1. Ritika Rakshit

    Love it! =)

  2. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve found a group of happy folks where you feel comfortable! Homesickness can be hard, and missing old friends can really persist (at least, it did for me, well into part of third year, even!). But getting out there, developing interests, and building new relationships over time is definitely the way to go to slowly and surely create that new support network.

    FYI, there may or may not be free hugs available outside IKBLC on Monday, December 5th. Just saying that’s something to keep your eyes peeled for.

  3. Nikki


    Can you tell me more about the kniting club? I live in Acadia residence, where do you guys meet? when?


  4. Any chance to get a handmade scarf?

  5. andrea

    I was wondering if the knitting club was going to start again come September and if so what the hours were and if it was only for residence students.

    • I’m not sure what will be happening in the residences, but the people who made the Totem Knitting Club last year are planning on making an official UBC Knitting Club (and I will be joining!) Last I heard they needed to get some paperwork in and when I know what’s going on I’ll definitely be posting about it :)

  6. andrea

    Awesome!! I was just thinking of starting one and I would love to join if it does become an official UBC club! I am just learning how to knit (teaching myself through youtube) but knitting with others sounds much more enjoyable. Do you think that they would take beginners?

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