Audition Materials Are Out!

Audition material for this year’s UBC ensembles has finally been put up, and you can find it here.

For the harp audition I need to learn about 13 pages of music in less than a month… yay… Don’t get me wrong, I can do it, and I will, but it means I need to start practicing seriously again. That feeling of inadequacy is creeping up on me again, and you know what that means? It means I need to practice more. And now that my hands are actually getting better, I can actually do that! Yay!

Anyway, UBC ensembles are open to everyone through audition, including those who are not part of the school of music, so if you think you’d enjoy being part of a band or orchestra, come try out! Sign up sheets will be found outside the Music Office in the Music Building.


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  1. Joy

    Hi Samantha!
    I’m an incoming freshman at UBC. I am in the bachelor of science.

    I’ve played in an orchestra for around 7 years, and have been planning to audition for the UBC orchestra. However, I saw the audition material a week late and I have no teacher to help me anymore as I am moving from overseas. I play the violin, by the way. I’m really doubting my chances of getting in this year because when auditioning I’ll probably be up against violin majors.

    I’m wondering if there are any small chamber groups or orchestras that are easier to get into for my first year? Also, I have sung in an a capella group for several years and want to join one at UBC but I couldn’t find the audition material yet?

    Also, I want to minor in music. Is it possible for me to do that even though I’m in the science program? And how do I take lessons at UBC?–I believe that if you’re in the music program, you’re automatically given a teacher for your instrument but what if I just want to minor?

    Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for your help!


    • If you’re interested in singing, there is an AMS club called “A Capella” you could audition for at the beginning of the year (I’m pretty sure they take nearly everyone, though). If you’re still interested in joining a UBC Choir for credit, I would recommend emailing the music advisor for more info. She could also help you in regards to small ensembles and figuring out if a minor in music is possible for you. Her email is Hope that helps!

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