Pacific National Exhibition

Since school starts in only 2 days, my friends and I figured, why not have some fun before summer ends? Following that the natural course of action was to head to The Fair at the Pacific National Exhibition. About an hour and a half and a very stressful jam-packed bus ride later, we arrived at the fair and were swept away in the massive crowds of people.

Stop number one? Corn dogs. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one before today. It’s not exactly the world’s finest delicacy, but not bad either and definitely a life experience I can check off my bucket list. Okay, it wasn’t actually on my list but it’s still a life experience.  We walked around the park and considered buying ride tickets, but then decided we’d rather save our money for something like groceries, or internet bills.

We went to the Super Dogs show, which was actually really impressive and made my day with their corny cartoon-for-ten-year-olds style theme song. Seriously though, those dogs can jump really high! We also went to the barn, and what with the dog show plus the baby chickens/ducks/bunnies/goats/cows/horses there was very nearly a cuteness overload.

The fair also had a Star Trek exhibit, and although I’m not a Trekkie, my friend Kim is a huuuge one. We watched part of the newest movie while waiting in line to get in, and the costumes and props they had on display were really neat. There were also some photo ops in some reconstructed sets; I wish we had bought one so I could show you, but again, groceries need buying. In one, Christie was wearing a green shirt in front of a green screen, so she was invisible, in another, I had the most intense face on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, and then we were all rather awkwardly confused in the teleported room.

However, the day would not be complete without more carnival food. I opted to wait for supper until I got home, but I did buy an order of deep fried Oreos – they were totally worth the five bucks and the thousand calories. Kim got a deep fried pop tart, but both paled in comparison to Christie and Natasha’s pick: deep fried wagon wheels. Imagine an ooey gooey s’more melted inside a warm fluffy donut. Heaven in your mouth, I’m tellin’ ya.

Today was a good day of fun, of not worrying about school coming up, of not stressing over my hurting shoulder muscles. A day of exploring this fabulous city of Vancouver, because what a waste it would be to live here for four years and not see any of it.

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