Bad Days. (The Survival Guide)

They happen. Maybe you got lost on your way to class, can’t seem to make friends, spill your perogies all over the dining hall floor, failed a test, just miss your mom, or maybe you’re like me and royally screwed up your orchestra audition meaning you won’t get to play the absolutely beautiful piece you really wanted or go on tour to San Francisco with the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Yeah. That happened.  I don’t really enjoy crying in public places, though you might be able to tell by the amount that I actually do it.

So take heart; you aren’t the only one who just can’t seem to anything right now and then.  It’ll pass, and until then here is my guide to making yourself feel at least a little bit better.

1. If you need to cry, just do it. I am a self-proclaimed cry-baby, and I always find that if I just let it out, that lump in my chest loosens up a little. My pillow and I are good friends.

2. Call your mom.  It’s kind of what she’s there for, you know? I mean, it’s totally true: Mom knows best. My mom can always make me feel a little better; she’s one of the few people who when she says, “It’s going to be okay,” I actually believe her.

3. Watch a movie/TV show that makes you feel good. Something funny and feel-good will take your mind off things and relax you a bit. My personal favourites for movie-therapy are Miss Congeniality and How to Train Your Dragon.

4. Comfort food. Perhaps not the healthiest habit, but so long as you don’t go overboard, comfort food can just fill your mouth with happiness. And hopefully the happiness spreads to your brain a little bit. For me, this includes cookies, hot chocolate, quesadillas, chicken soup, perogies, and ice cream. (Not necessarily all at once.) When your day is filled with poo, it helps to fill it a little more with awesome things.

5. Comfy clothes. Nothing feels better when you feel down than chilling in your favourite comfy clothes. In summer, I don my short shorts and spaghetti strap tank top (what I am wearing at this moment) and in the winter, sweat pants and fuzzy socks! And blankets. Can’t forget blankets. (Side note: fuzzy socks make my life. Instant happiness when my feet get all up in that soft and fluffy goodness.)

6. Time with friends. Just hanging out like nothing wrong can take the edge off, and maybe actually convince you that nothing is wrong. Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine!

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  1. Ryan

    I could not agree more with your post! I’m a guy, and even I need a good cry every now and then. Just unlike a lot of guys, I’m not ashamed to admit it. And, about the pillow thing, that sound in background is my dryer running, with my pillow inside, that was wet from last night’s tears. So yeah…I can relate.

    Totally agree about calling mom! Big help.

    The next few I often combine; eating comfort food while watching a movie in comfy clothes with a close friend or two…lol

    Comfort clothes for me; shorts in the Summer, barefoot of course (flip-flops if I have to go out, depending upon where I am going), tank-top or sleeveless t-shirt (again, only when I go out, usually shirtless at home). In the winter jeans or sweats, and either a sweatshirt or t-shirt depending on how cold. No fuzzy socks for me…lol…don’t like socks.

    Anyway, I think what you posted is standard procedure for most if not all college students :). Maybe it should have been called “Survival Guide.” Feel free to email me sometime.

    From one frequent crier to another, have a great day!!

    Ryan Hestand

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