Live from Belgium

Hello from Belgium! A few things of note since I have arrived:

  1. Most restaurants in Europe (or at least Belgium) don’t give you free water. You have to pay for bottled water.
  2. Cobblestones are hard on the feet.
  3. Mons, the town/city we are staying in, is roughly the size of UBC campus.
  4. No matter what you think, you cannot totally escape jetlag.
  5. Belgian waffles are delicious and basically function like donuts in Canada and the US.
  6. All bread found in Belgium is amazing.
  7. People really like their sandwiches here. And they are made on baguettes so why wouldn’t they?


I was going to upload a photo with this post, but the uploader is not working so you’re just going to have to wait!


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2 Responses to Live from Belgium

  1. So if they don’t give you water for free, is it a common practice to carry a water bottle around? Also, now I have a couple of food items I want to make, just need a recipe and I should be good.

    Keep up the great work with the blog, I found it through the harp videos and I really enjoy them both.

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