Hello from the North Shore of Vancouver!

Hi everyone,

My name is Bryn and I live on the North Shore of Vancouver.  I teach a grade 6/7 class for the West Vancouver School District at an awesome school on Bowen Island in the middle of Howe Sound.  I have moved into teaching elementary just over a year ago and was previously teaching senior math and physics at various high schools around the world.  I began teaching in China for 3 years and then taught on a tall ship with a program called Class Afloat.  I have really enjoyed my recent shift to the elementary level but look forward to returning to high school math and physics one day.

I feel fortunate to be working in a school district and community that fully embraces technology in the classroom.  Students bring their own devices to school and I incorporate technology in almost every unit of instruction.  Google Apps for Education, Khan Academy, and the inquiry-based model are all cornerstones in my classroom and I love trying out all sorts of innovative programs in my classroom.

I look forward to expanding my understanding of technology in the math and science classroom and explore current best practice with devices in the classroom.   I look forward to gleaning new ideas from my new set of colleagues and sharing my experiences with you all as well.

Beyond teaching, I love adventuring outside.  My free time is often torn between kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, trail running, sailing, and cycling.

I look forward to working with and learning from you all this semester!


  1. Hi Bryn,

    I am always glad to run into people from the West Vancouver school district that is currently enrolled in the program. Like yourself, I am glad to be working in a district that has embraced technology to the degree that we have and I look forward to be able to use what I have learned throughout this program in my teaching.

    I look forward to seeing your work this term!

  2. Nice to hear your school is using a BYOD model for increasing technology in the classroom. It really eases up the allocation of resources throughout the school. Google Apps has come a long way, and a giant like Google certainly is making its impact in education in so many positive ways. Should be an interesting course!

  3. Hey Bryn! It’s great to see another West Van teacher taking this course.

    How would you say the Class Afloat program differs from most educational systems? I don’t know too much about it, but I imagine incorporating technology, or teaching standard curriculum when you are always sailing would be quite the challenge.

    Looking forward to collaborating with you throughout this course!

  4. Hey Bryn! Fancy meeting you here. Glad to see that you’re signed up for this too. Looks to be great!

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