Using Technology to Engage

Good digital technology can be hard to come across in the classroom.  There’s a lot of free software and videos available through the internet, but some of the most best videos and interactive programs have paid subscriptions. There are many different approaches to how digital technologies could be used.  For example, a teacher may have the students using the digital technology throughout the duration of the lesson.  Other times, the technology may just be used by the teacher to demonstrate or visualize a concept.


Some of the challenging learning needs in the classroom may be addressed through the use of digital technologies.  For example, students weak with writing output may be able to demonstrate their understanding through the use of digital technology. English Language Learners as well as any student for that matter benefit greatly from seeing visual models of concepts that may be part of a class discussion.


I use a program with my grade 4s that focuses on helping them learn their math facts. Explore Learning has a great app that can be used in any browser as well as on their app on the iPad. What I like about the program is that he channels the questions towards the concepts that they are having difficulty with and gives them extra practice in those particular areas.  It allows the students to collect rewards along the way which encourages them to master the skills. The characters in the app are also quite entertaining for the students to watch as they complete their program.

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