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Hi Everyone,
This is the first time I am using CiteULike in MET. I have registered and joined the ETEC 533 group. So far it looks like there are three of us from this course there. My problem is in the class notes for lesson 3 it says there are resource folders by subject area on CiteULike. I thought I would go on the site and see the folders and accompanying documents for each folder but I don’t, I see different articles from different resource folders in one spot and no articles from other resource folders. Do I search a specific topic of interest and see what appears? I think I just have brain block but sometimes that is when its time to ask for help.

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  1. Hi Catherine,

    Try going through the portal or library once logged in. From either location, one can search the page to view various tags. Click on resourcefolder2__achievement tag for example to see all the papers tagged within this folder.


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