WISE :”Airbags: Too Fast, Too Furious? (ID 1750)” and wise2 site

Hi was anyone able to find or browse this project? (Airbags: Too Fast, Too Furious?) I kept running into a “project not found” page. Just wondering if I am missing something simple. I tried it with the title, with the title and Id and just the ID.

Also, the website https://wise2.berkeley.edu/ mentioned in Lesson 2 on page 4 I keep getting a site not found error. Anyone able to access this?


  1. Hi Catherine,

    I am not able to find “Airbags: Too Fast, Too Furious” (ID 1750) either. I have searched using various portions of the title as well as the ID # and no luck with my computer either. I can’t even find a title close to it by browsing through the topics, so I guess it has just been removed. Too bad – it was a catchy title!


    1. HI Catherine,

      Double Check: are you accessing from the teacher portal, management, browse wise projects? It is there.


      1. As far as I can tell, I am in the teacher portal (there is a “Teacher Home” option), and then I am clicking on “Browse WISE Projects” in the Management menu. I am still not able to find it. I don’t know what I am doing wrong! I have found other projects listed, but not the air bags project.

  2. Hi Catherine,

    No I can’t access wise2 either. I have tried using both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and I tried Googling it as well to see if I could find a different link. I checked the FAQ section and found the link: http://wise2.berkeley.edu/ but this isn’t working either. I’m getting the same message you are – either site or server not found.


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