Leap Motion Technology

image from leapmotion.com

Leap Motion Technology allows you to use your hands as a mouse. I compared it to Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Iron Man, using his hands to scroll, switch screens, maximize and minimize images, etc.

The image above is one of the training exercises, you use your hands to pluck petals off a flower. It allows you to get used to the technology and the technology to get used to you.

As promised here is a blog post on Leap Motion. Here is the link to the website https://www.leapmotion.com where you will find all the information you desire.

What does Leap Motion look like?


image from leapmotion.com

Leap motion is the small device shown above that attaches to your computer via the USB port.  There are a host of apps (free and paid) and training programs available to help you become familiar with and use your leap motion both as a tool/learning device and game enhancer, especially with VR.

One of the blogs about creating educational games using the leap motion technology is a really good read as it discusses scaffolding lessons so that students become comfortable with the technology before they are expected to use it in advanced ways. As I mentioned in my earlier post some of my students were frustrated trying to learn how to manipulate their hands using leap motion and often stepped back to watch others learn how to use it before they would try again.

I had hoped to film some of my students using the leap motion technology with a 3D geometry program.( It was amazing to watch groups of students contorting their bodies as they tried to manipulate the objects on screen. ) Unfortunately I was ill just prior to March Break and although school was to resume today our board has locked its elementary teachers out as a result of ongoing contract issues.


I have found and inserted below three good youtube videos.

Video One is an introduction to Leap Motion

Video Two is the demonstration of the 3D geometry app I spoke about in Module C lesson 1.

Video Three is how leap motion is being adapted and implemented with VR goggles. I have just ordered my adapter to try it out on my EVOO VR headset.

If you have any questions about Leap Motion feel free to ask.

Have a great week everyone.



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