ISTE Standards should be common knowledge



The standards speak specifically to teachers about their students becoming good digital citizens, as well as preparing and ASSESSING using technology. Assessment continues to be one of the areas that educators lack development in. We must move away from traditional rote paper and pencil assessments and provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in new ways. For more information on assessing in the current educational climate please watch the video below by Eric Mazur a Harvard professor and leader in 21st Century assessment.

In terms of the ISTE standards for Students the language itself is inspiring:
Empowered Learner
Digital Citizen
Knowledge Constructor
Innovative Designer
Computational Thinker
Creative Communicator
Global Collaborator

If you look at each of those terms for the most part you see verbs in all of them. Verbs are action words, things students need to be doing! Collaborating, Communicating, Constructing, Designing…
All words that bring us back to one of the most important changes we need to see in Education and that is moving the student from a passive role of sitting, listening and memorizing to constructors of their own knowledge. Allowing them to identify and correct misconceptions, building understanding through collaboration and leading their own learning.

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