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    Here are the results from continuous VFM thusfar, and from the one-time VFM in interactive graph form!

    The real winner at the end of the day, I would say, is the gossip rag AMS Confidential, who managed to create themselves partway through continuous VFM and eventually surpassed the Radical Beer Tribune in terms of total cash out.

    It remains hard to get a firm grasp over the one-time VFM results, due to the limited information we now have. What we do know, is that on average, students allocated $1334 with their vouchers. This means a high degree of non-participation in one-time VFM, as this number should be at least $2000 if participation were 100%. If the history of one-time tells us anything though, it’s that results are hard to predict, and the characteristics you’d expect to be predictors aren’t that strong.

    Analysis by Tim remains as true today as it did three years ago: there are different niches for the blogs to fill, but at the end of the day, the real benefit of one-time VFM is now the electorate can generally expect better-researched candidates.

    We’ve been in talks with the Elections Committee to get more detailed results from the elections, as we beget further analysis. We’re hoping they get released to all soon, so we can try to get a better feeling on what exactly the results mean.


    But wait, democracy isn’t over just yet! Continuous VFM is continuous!

    Over 6500!

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    Ignore the false reports, the elections committee just announced we’re over 6500!

    Huge kudos to the elections committee. It appears a combination of VFM and a new elections voting website has make for a sustained increase in turnout. See you all at the Gallery for results!

    Note: Within an hour of this post, the elections committee broke the model! Good job, EC! (more t-tests, next time, I promise)

    I did a really simple logarithmic fit to the data the elections committee has been releasing.

    I’m going to go ahead and predict turnout this year will be 3781. Only 58% of last years ~6500.

    ballots v. time

    Note: I’d do some confidence intervals, but seriously, I just finished a STAT 306 assignment, and I’m tired of t-tests.

    What’s different this year from last? This editor notes one big difference is the lack of a student-wide email, highly visible poll-booths, and highly visible campaigns. Post your thoughts in the comments thread.

    Haven’t voted yet? Why not?

    It’s taken our monkeys a while, but they’ve finally counted the ballots and ranked the pairs. Who Council chose, as of Wednesday, January 20th.


    Note: Proxies were counted as council members. This is simply a sample for entertainment purposes–I haven’t bothered with confidence intervals or any of that fun stuff. More results and details behind the jump!

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    Voting is now open. Cast your ballot now!

    Insiders would like to offer a huge thanks to our partner, the Ubyssey, the moderator, Geoff Costeloe, the hosts, the UBC Centre for Student Involvement, and our supporters, AMS Elections. We saw an attendance of over 70 live in the house in this first-ever event.

    Note: the video freezes in the first four seconds. If you wait for about 20 seconds thereafter, it resumes. Alternative, you can skip ahead a tiny fraction of seconds and it will play faster. Also, the video began late, and is missing an introduction by the hosts to the Centre for Student Involvement, as well as half of the presentation of the themes.

    The Presidential Debate Live Feed

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    Watch the Ubyssey‘s live video coverage of our co-presented, independent Presidential debate!

    Watch now!

    Please note that this post was a collaborative effort by all editors.


    1 Natalie Swift
    2 Bijan Ahmadian
    3 Sean Kim
    4 Pak Ho Leung

    Do we want Haack to be the next hack? What about the wide-open race for Senate? The full list of endorsements after the jump.

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    We feel we don’t know enough about the candidates, so in partnership with The Ubyssey we’re presenting The Presidential Debate.

    One hour of questions directed at the candidates, intended to point out differences between the candidates. We’re scouring through voting records, we’re watching the old debates, we’re researching what’s been said, and we’re fact checking. Come out and watch your hero triumph or fluster. Instead of a rigid format, Geoff Costeloe will be moderating in a style to encourage interesting debate.

    Tuesday, January 26th, 7pm at the Centre of Student Involvement (main floor Brock Hall). Afterward, there will be a casual reception with refreshments. Bring a friend!

    Toope Reconsiders Sullivan for VP Students

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    UBC’s longest serving Vice-President has been asked to continue to serve at his post as Vice-President, Students, pending the completion of a review process. Brian Sullivan, who came to UBC from his former post as Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) at the University of Guelph in 1999, was appointed by then-President Martha Piper. Upon the arrival of Stephen Toope, all of the other VPs under Piper either left, were asked to leave, or did not have their contracts renewed.


    More about the job and how you can be involved in the review process, after el jump.

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