With impeccable timing, the AMS chose the last Friday of the reading break to post a press release regarding allegations of voting irregularities in the last round of AMS elections. Due to the complete absence of details in the press release and the high potential for scandal, there has been quite a bit of speculation […]

Update 5:34pm: Today’s CUS meeting has been moved to Angus 296 from Angus 310. Normally we try not to post snippets, but we feel this one is important enough. At tonight’s CUS Board of Directors meeting (6:00pm, Henry Angus 310 296) there will be a vote to have the CUS go to a student referendum […]

Dishing on Davis’s Legal Opinion

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It is safe to say that the last AMS Council meeting did not unfold quite the way anyone expected it to. Blake and Tim still hold their positions, were censured, asked to catalogue their activities on an hourly basis, and are now required to go to executive committee to make any decisions that could affect […]

. We therefore call upon the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to investigate the widespread violation and disregard for international law in Canada, and further to employ all and every means available to pressure the governments of Canada and its provinces into compliance with the Covenant. This was written in 2005. […]

A spirited emergency AMS council meeting took place tonight to react to Blake Frederick’s human rights complaint to the UN. Because of the large turnout, the meeting took place in the Hebb Theatre and went for approximately three hours. At its most populated, there were 175-200 students present, with a large number of students-at-large. As […]

We need to be able to acknowledge current political structures, like the government, and the law, and work within them for reform. Equally important however, is that we engage in an active critique of those structures, which should entail some forms of confrontation. – Stefanie Ratjen speaks on civil liberties and the 2010 Winter Olympic […]

Summer News Recap

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Happy First Week all. Here’s what happened while you were out. On Campus The Student Board of Governors representatives turned over. Tim Blair bids farewell, as Michael Duncan takes his place. Bijan Ahmadian and Alexandra Caldwell (UBC-O) were re-elected for their respective second terms. The University approved a plan to in-fill Totem residence. This was met with surprise […]

GSS Handbook Upheld

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Nothing like a little controversy to start the fresh school year off! The Graduate Student Society (GSS), like the AMS, releases an agenda and handbook that’s distributed to students for free every year. This year they asked a well-known campus activist, Nathan Crompton, to put it together. Supervising it was the GSS Handbook Committee chaired […]

An Open Letter to the AMS

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Sometimes in times of crisis it’s important to look at the big picture. So that’s what I’m going to attempt here. Make no mistake – the AMS has as fundamental a crisis as it can realistically expect to face. Since it has mandatory membership its very existence is not at stake, but its ability to […]

Student Court Decision

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The Student Court released its decision today in the VP Academic matter. They allowed the appeal, ordering that Alex Lougheed be disqualified. The Court left the matter of how to fill the vacancy up to the AMS Executive. More to come later, undoubtedly after Council. But, for those interested, the excerpt that outlines the reasoning […]

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