Centre for Feminist Legal Studies


Welcome to Allard Law! My name is Nazanin and I am the Student Coordinator for the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies, a.k.a. the CFLS!

The CFLS is an independent, academic centre dedicated to fostering inclusive feminist engagement, research, teaching, and community-building. Students of all genders are welcome to visit and become involved with the CFLS and the CFLS community and to support the aims of equity and social justice.

We invite you to make use of the Marlee Kline Room (rm 424), located on the 4th floor of Allard Hall. The Marlee Kline Room is a student lounge as well as a library. There is tea and cookies available which makes it the perfect space to relax, chat with friends, or study. The library is a great resource for intersectional feminist research and literature, with papers available by Allard’s own feminist faculty.

The Marlee Kline room is my favorite spot at Allard. It has allowed me to develop bonds with my fellow 1Ls while also giving me the chance to meet many upper year students in a truly welcoming space.

The CFLS is working hard to provide more opportunities for student engagement in the upcoming school year. Be sure to set aside time for our lecture series on Tuesdays at lunchtime featuring incredible feminist academics, lawyers, and community members from diverse backgrounds and areas of research (stay tuned for the schedule!). Another amazing initiative is the #LawNeedsFeminismsBecause (LNFB) campaign which the CFLS helps lead; keep an eye out for more updates! Follow the CFLS Facebook page to see what exciting things are planned for the 2019/2020 year!

There are a number of ways to get involved with the CFLS and we would love to hear your ideas! Please reach out to me at cfls@allard.ubc.ca for volunteer opportunities or if you have any questions about the CFLS or 1L in general. I’m always happy to chat!

I look forward to meeting you all at Orientation Week. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer!