Donna Chapman-Jones (2L)

Hello incoming 1Ls! I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer and are getting excited about all that lies ahead for you this coming year. I remember I felt overwhelmed trying to squeeze the best out of summer while the other half of my brain was thinking about what law school will be like, who would I meet, how would I do in my courses, would I even like it!?


My name is Donna Chapman-Jones and I am going into 2nd year at Allard. I am Co-President of the Women’s Caucus, along with Anika, as well as a Research Assistant at Allard. I am also excited about my involvement with the International Justice and Human Rights Clinic this year. I was born and raised in Vancouver and live in Kits with my husband. Outside of Allard you can find me walking on the beach, trying new & tasty cheap eats, hitting up a yoga class or playing ninjas with my nephews.


Women in Law Dinner

1st year law is challenging! Figure out what you need to take care of yourself – whether it’s going to the gym, seeing family or friends, taking a bubble bath or snagging a freshly baked scone from Great Dane on your break – and block off time for that! You spend a lot of time with your small group, and although it may not feel like it, most of you are feeling the exact same stresses and anxieties. Reach out to them and your support network outside of school for some healthy perspective that there’s more to life than law school. Lastly, take opportunities to enjoy actually being in law school. It may sound weird now but you may find yourself so busy you forget what’s important to you. Attend lunch time lectures that interest you, participate in clubs that you’re passionate about, enjoy free food and hangout with friends at Allard socials, and laugh with your friends about the wild reality that you actually made it here!


Allard offers a wealth of resources to help figure out what you want to do with your degree. All the options can feel overwhelming but you don’t have to follow all the paths! Reach out for guidance from the Career Services Office, your upper year mentors, peer tutors, professors… anyone really! Everyone here loves to give advice 😉

Post 1L exams with my small group bestie… Feeling relieved!

We’re so excited to welcome you! For now, sleep in when you can and enjoy the sunshine!