Dean’s Banquet Keynote Speaker – Rumana Monzur

Rumana Monzur is living proof that hope survives the worst adversity. In June 2011, Rumana’s world became completely dark-she lost her sight within 15 minutes when her husband tried to kill her. Along with blindness came many hardships and challenges. Yet, in facing these challenges, Rumana did not lose her spirit. She still sees herself as the same person she always was. The same Rumana, who always believed in celebrating life. She started her career as a lecturer in International Relations but after becoming blind,  decided to change her career. Rumana graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada in May 2017 with a law degree. She also has a Masters degree in political science from UBC. Currently she is a counsel at the Department of Justice Canada in Vancouver. Today Rumana is a beloved lamp-lighter who instills light and love wherever she goes and speaks.