Before you Arrive

The best thing you can do over the summer before 1L begins is to relax, enjoy time with your friends and family, and your favorite pastimes/hobbies. There is nothing you need to do to prepare for law school beyond showing up fresh and rested and ready to learn!

A few things to get in order…

Create your “Campus Wide Login” (CWL) – This is crucial to accessing almost everything about UBC. It gets you onto the online Student Service Centre (SSC), which houses all your registration and financial information, library catalogue, voting portal for student elections, and a lot of other things.  To create a CWL account, click here.

Create an “Allard Alumni” e-mail account – All UBC Students receive a free email account, which will be This email account is highly recommended: it is the preferred e-mail for UBC to make contact with students as well useful for professional contact. All the information on creating this account can be found here.

Pay Tuition and Fees – For all information on Allard Law tuition and fees please visit the Manage your Finances webpage.
Tuition for first year Canadian full-time first year JD students for 2019/2020 is $12,639.36, and student fees are approximately $1,100. Tuition fee deferment may be automatic if you apply for a student loan before July 15.

  • To find out how much you owe, please check individual fee statements online in your financial account at the UBC Student Service Centre (SCC) website. (To access your SCC you will need to sign up for a Campus Wide Login (CWL) – See above)
  • Tuition can be paid in many ways, including internet or telephone banking, in person at Brock Hall by cheque or Interac, through student loans programs, scholarships, and other methods. For all info on how to pay tuition visit the manage your finances webpage.
  • The Enrolment Services Professional (ESP) Team provides students with personalized support for financial planning and tuition.  You can contact the ESP Team at
  • Your student fees include AMS Medical and Dental care. If you are already covered under a parent or spouse’s plan you can opt-out of this additional coverage and receive your money back. More information on opting out, including the dates of which this must be done by, can be found here.