Women’s Rugby

Hello Class of 2022,

Allard’s one and only women’s rugby team – the Honey Badgers – welcomes you to law school!

Joining the Badgers is a sweet deal if you are looking to get involved at Allard and sneak in a little bit of exercise throughout the year.

Prior to 1L, I had never played rugby before, so I distinctly remember meeting the wonderful Patricia Neijens (one of our co-captains for the upcoming year) at Clubs Day and asking how much experience I needed to join. The answer was a resounding “ZERO”. I was sold.

Looking back, playing rugby with the Badgers was one of the highlights of my first-year experience at Allard. It gave me a good excuse to step away from the books for a little while and get out of the law building. I got a chance to visit Victoria and Calgary for our two tournaments, which was a lot of fun for me as I am new to the West Coast. Best of all, joining the Badgers allowed me to connect with upper years and 1Ls outside of my small group, and become a part of a group of incredibly fun and supportive women.

Here’s what you can expect for the upcoming season:

  • Some weekly exercise – about one practice per week, with potential plans to practice more for those interested in improving their skills and fitness
  • FUN!
  • Two tournaments, both of which we will be hosting this year – one in the fall and one in the spring
  • Your bones and cognitive functioning intact – we play touch not tackle

We will be hanging out at a booth during Clubs Day. Stop by to say “hi”, get some more information, and sign up if you are interested.


Christine Gorgi (2L)