Janine Benedet

I attended law school right here at UBC for my LLB degree. Then I did an LLM and an SJD at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!)


2005, after 6 years teaching at Osgoode Hall Law School


What courses will you be teaching at Allard in 2019-2020?

Law 221 Criminal Law and Procedure Law 468/588 Ethics and Professionalism Law 402 Law of Sexual Offences


Legal responses to sexual violence against women, including sexual assault, prostitution, pornography and sexual harassment




What is your favourite judicial decision and why?

R v Butler [1992] 1 SCR 452, which upheld the criminal prohibition on making and distributing obscenity, reasoning both that harm to women and children is harm to society as a whole, and that where women in pornography are treated in a degrading and dehumanizing fashion, the fact that they are presented as consenting to that degradation makes it worse, not better. The case also points out that pornography is a barrier to sex equality between men and women. The case seems even more relevant to me 25 years later in the internet age than it did when it was decided (back when I was in law school.)


For an overlooked classic film with a legal angle, I recommend Alfred Hitchcock’s “I Confess” – the only Hitchcock film set in Canada (Quebec City) with Montgomery Clift as a handsome priest, or “Jailhouse Rock” with Elvis Presley (his first and best film), if only for the music.


Nitobe Garden


Welcome to law school, I am looking forward to meeting you!