Julen Etxabe

Where did you attend university for your undergraduate degree? Law School? Any other degrees/ schooling?

Law School of San Sebastian (Licenciate in law); European Academy of Legal Theory (Masters); University of Michigan Law School (LLM; SJD)

When did you come to UBC as a professor?

July 1, 2019

What courses will you be teaching at Allard in 2019-2020?

International law; international human rights law (and eventually courses in jurisprudence)

What are your research interests?

Legal and Political Theory, Courts and Human Rights, Cultural Studies of Law, Legal Language and the Imagination.

What is or was your non-law dream job?


What is your favourite judicial decision and why?

August v. Electoral Commission (1999) by the Constitutional Court of South Africa recognizing the voting rights of prisoners, because of the language Justice Sachs creates to connect the significance of the franchise with the dignity of individuals and societies.

What is your favourite book or movie?

Book: The Count of Monte Cristo; Au revoir là-haut (The Great Swindle) Film: Fargo; The Life of Bryan.

What’s a UBC Campus hidden gem that more people should know about?

Looking forward to discovering them myself.

Anything else you would like to share with the class of 2022?

It’s fine to be lost: there’s more than one path to be happy.