Shigenori Matsui

LL.B. Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan. LL.M., Kyoto University, J.S.D. Stanford Law School, LL.D. Kyoto University

in 2006


What courses will you be teaching at Allard in 2019-2020?

LAW334.001 Introduction to Asian Legal System LAW348D.001 Comparative Constitutional Law LAW425D.001 Cyberspace Law LAW338D.001 Japanese Law LAW343C.001 Topics in Public Law: Freedom of Expression


Comparative Constitutional Law, Cyberspace Law, Freedom of Expression, and Japanese Law. Right now, I am writing papers on the “development of technology and family law: who’s your mommy and your daddy?” and “abortion ban in Japan”, and a monograph on the frontiers of freedom of expression, touching on various contemporary issues on freedom of expression, including hate speech ban, ban on encouragement and promotion of terrorist activities, and the right to be forgotten.


law professor has been my dream job. Otherwise, I would be a lawyer.


Marbury v. Madison in the U.S. This is a decision that accepted the power of judicial review in the U.S. for the first time, sparking all the debates about the proper role of the judiciary and constitutional interpretation.


I don’t have any particular favorite book or movie.


The Nitobe garden. You should visit it.


I am serving also as a director of Japanese legal studies program in the Centre for Asian Legal Studies. If you have any interest in Japanese law, please feel free to contact me anytime.