Students for Mining Justice

Students for Mining Justice (SMJ) aims to highlight the widespread injustices caused by the Canadian extractive industry through public education, movement building, and legal advocacy. Our work is informed by the efforts of grassroots community groups and individuals resisting the impunity with which many Canadian mining companies operate in communities both in Canada and around the world.

Vancouver, and British Columbia in general, are hubs for Canadian mining activity, as 60% of Canada’s mining companies are incorporated in BC. In light of this knowledge, in October 2018, SMJ hosted a conference titled “Protecting the Land” which brought together activists, researchers, law students, lawyers, and community members from places affected by the environmental and social havoc wrought by Canadian mining companies.

During the 2019-2020 school year, we hope to partner with other environment-focused student groups and research centres, including the Environmental Law Group and the Centre for Law and Environment, both based out of Allard. By using legal research, advocacy, and grassroots movement building, we hope to hold Canadian mining companies to account for the ongoing human rights violations and environmental degradation taking place around the world at their hands. Make sure to like our Facebook page, and email us at if you would like to get involved!