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Tales of openness and serendipity: a full throated cry for help…

Spontaneous Connections, originally uploaded by cogdogblog. I’m finishing off a short paper, but before I submit it I feel I need to incorporate some additional real-world examples that demonstrate how the power of openness combined with network effects can result … Continue reading

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Quickie cry for help…

After one of the more unpleasant travel days I’ve experienced, I’m here in Orlando (more on that later), but have been hampered considerably by a lack of internet connectivity at my hotel (and at the hotel of my co-presenters). I … Continue reading

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Linkchecking Software – Yes, it’s another cry for help…

I’m working with a unit on campus who have some stimulating challenges ahead of them. UBC’s Careers Online is [one of] the university’s most visited website[s] (about 1,000 distinct visits per day from students). Most of the visitors who log … Continue reading

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Far more disjointed than usual. It’s yet another cry for help…

Oh my, it’s been a while since I blogged, hasn’t it? There’s a substantial backlog of post-worthy items that have accumulated over the past week or so… but that is not why I’m finally hauling off on the keyboard right … Continue reading

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New wiki location, and a cry for help…

I’ve been playing at reestablishing wikis using our spankin’ new server we bought for our instance of CAREO, and set up a new location with the beginnings of a stylesheet. Still very much a work in progress, though I’m hopeful … Continue reading

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A learning objects presentation, or a cry for help?

Last week I gave a presentation on reusable media for a group of educators at UBC’s Faculty of Science. I did my best to give a talk that used as little learning object lingo as possible, and left aside any … Continue reading

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This *really* is edupunk. Really. The world is in the turlet and we’re all gonna die…

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, originally uploaded by glynnish. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a fairly tried and true structure for a collaborative hands-on exercise. Get a bunch of people to contribute little bits, then try … Continue reading

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Mashing Up the Open Education Conference

This is the fourth consecutive year I have headed to Utah, attending an event that has evolved into the Open Education Conference, a wonderful mix of open source developers, open content evangelists, and social software enthusiasts — all dedicated to … Continue reading

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Live (or dead) without a net

In less than three hours I will be leading my first podcasting workshop. I was happy to get the opportunity. Too bad that: * I barely podcast at all, and possess scant knowledge at best * I have an hour … Continue reading

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VPL Post-Mortem and Gratuitous Gratitude

Well, after all my anxiety the talk at the Vancouver Public Library went pretty well. One of the biggest audiences I’ve spoken to, and definitely one of the most diverse. We had people like Richard Eriksson in the front row, … Continue reading

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