Eating Too Much Sugar Leads To Heart Disease

Growing up, we were told that candies and sweets will give us cavities and that sugar will decay our teeth. Sugar, sweets and chocolates may be our guilty pleasure, but what if I told you that eating too much sugar can lead to heart disease? There are many studies that explain how sugar causes tooth decay, however consumption of sugar in large quantities may increase the risk of having heart disease, diabetes, and more. Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease may lead to heart attacks, chest pain or even a stroke. Therefore, having a high-sugar diet can increase the risk of dying from heart disease.

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How Can Eating Too Much Sugar Kill You?

In this video, Science Insider a YouTube channel that primarily creates educational videos, explains how over-consuming sugar can lead to heart disease and other health problems.

Once sugar is consumed, the sugar molecule known as fructose is metabolized by the liver. However, when the liver cannot process and metabolize fructose as it reaches its’ max capacity, the excess sugar turns into liver fat. The video further explains that high-sugar diets drive metabolic syndrome such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer or dementia.

 Research Study on Heart Disease

A study from Harvard University, explained that sugar consumption is essential for energy and regular in human diets . However, consuming too much added sugar raises the risk of having health-related implications and in many cases lead to heart disease. The study was performed over the course of 15 years which involved the amount of sugar content in each participants’ diet. The results from the research study shows that participants who had an extra 25% added sugar into their daily diets had a higher chance of dying from heart disease implications. However, participants who consumed sugar with less than 10% added into their daily diets did not. The results were staggering as consumers that ingest 25% more sugar in their daily diet increase their chances of dying from heart disease twice as much.

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The risk of metabolic syndrome such as heart disease is life threatening is very serious. We’re all guilty of having a sweet tooth, and chocolate and lollipops may be irresistible. However, we should educate our family, friends, and children to reduce sugar intake to reduce future health risks

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