The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing


iTeeth, originally uploaded by Brophy Photography Club.

My name is David Berljawsky. I actually found this picture pretty easily. To me it is a very relevant to the discussion that we will be having in this course. Talking and communicating through technology is what I thought about right away. This picture is certainly art, and is created in a form that was impossible just a couple of short years ago.

I am an elementary school teacher in North Vancouver, and regularly teach computers, and other technology related classes. This is my passion and what I want to pursue, so I feel that this program is ideal for me. I find that the current generation of students are very technologically aware and communicate in ways that older generations do not. It could be texting, facebook, twitter or a blog. One thing that I really enjoyed about this picture is that the author used a modern cell phone, hooked up to the internet for this picture. It is artistic and representative of the current generation of elementary and high school students.

I struggle with implementing and developing my philosophies concerning modern technologies. On one hand, I love computers, the internet, and all of those technologies. They make my life easier, assumedly better and, well, they entertain me to no end. However, I can see many negatives with the ways that students use this technology, and how it educates them. I’m hoping that I will be able to plan ways to open up my students understanding, using technologies as a tool, not as a crutch.


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