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“Doc Pelton’s” shop class – Nov. 13, 1974″ obtained under a Creative Commons License from

Hi everyone,

I chose this picture because I think it demonstrates the profound influence that new technology (in this case information technology) can have on our education system.  Around fifteen years ago the NB Dept of Ed. sold off a lot of the industrial tech equipment to buy computers.  The reason being was that the province thought students would be better prepared for the world of tomorrow by teaching them IT literacy skills today.  Years later, it was realized that industrial technology and learning trades was a vital part of the NB economy and they began buying the equipment back so they could reinstate the industrial tech programs again.  I think the lesson of the story is that, although the information age has undoubtedly reshaped culture all around the world, we should not be swept away by the introduction of a world-changing technology.  It may change the way we look at the world and everything around us, but there are somethings that we will always need despite the marvels of the information age.

On a personal note, I am a middle/high technology teacher at the Canadian International School of Beijing and I am currently enrolled in this and ETEC590.  I will have completed my degree requirements at the end of this term.  Can’t wait!



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