The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing

The Aesthetics of Text

How does each book spine use text to draw the eye to the book?

Design Book Library 01 4, originally uploaded by Outofprint.

I chose this photo because the bookshelf contains a collection of resources related to design, typography, text, and technologies. In the Module 1 course content, we are challenged to think about text and technologies in their varying forms and how it has evolved, become part of innovation and is being re-innovated. Not only are these books resources, but simple as they look, they also exemplify elements of design in the spines – creative ways of arranging text to convey typography.

My name is Marjorie del Mundo. I have a background in interaction design and have worked in marketing and graphic design. Currently, I am completing my final week as an Educational Programmer for UBC Student Development and am looking forward to the launch of the Discover Your Major guide for undergraduate Arts students which I helped develop over the summer. During my design studies, I had to investigate and explore the use of text and typography as a foundation for creating layouts and spreads. In this course, I hope to expand my knowledge on how text and technologies impact the way we share information and communicate in various contexts.

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1 Erin Gillespie { 09.10.09 at 5:52 am }

I like this colourful image and how you linked the words through their etymology and common stems.I always picture “black and white” when I hear the word text. Yet, text leads us to a vividly colourful world! EG

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